Hi guys, welcome to my website! Thank you so much for stopping by! I'm so excited to finally show you all my business! 

I thought you might want to know a bit about me so here goes...

I love to keep fit and I want to help you get as passionate about working out as me! I am a working mum with two children, four and five. I am your normal life juggling wife! Kids, work, cooking, marriage, you know the deal.

I don't like the gym. I know what your thinking... A personal trainer that hates the gym?! There are so many other ways to work out that don't involve the gym, which are a lot more fun, rewarding and less intimidating! The gym can be a daunting place, especially if you are new to the scene. I want to help you with your busy lives and show you it is possible to fit exercise in your hectic schedule. 

Now, heres some background of what I do... 

I have been a Zumba teacher for four years and I absolutely love it! It's such a fun way to keep fit and is open to all abilities! Being a Zumba teacher has made me realise my passion. I took it a step further and decided to get some qualifications! 

I am now a newly qualified Personal Trainer. I offer full programmes that are designed to suit you and your body. Every single one of my clients have their own specific programme that suites them. You wont be bulking up your biceps if you want to tone your stomach. You tell me where you want to be and I will get you there. 

I understand not everyone wants a one on one session so I didn't want to stop there. This is when I thought of offering boot camp classes. A place to go to have a fun hardcore workout session. And yes it is fun! Don't believe me? Why don't you come a see for yourself! 

My site. So I got this website made to show you guys how easy it can be to sign up! My site has all the information you need for all the classes and services I offer but if you want any more information, please get in touch!

You will also find on my website some articles on how to flatten that stomach, how to motivate yourself, how to eat your way to a healthier and better you and much more!

You put energy in your body and you need your body to use it up! I'm not one for all these crazy fad diets. You wont need to be on a liquid diet when you sign up to one of my programmes but eating healthy is part of it so that's why I want to share with you my tips. I can't reveal all the secrets so sign up to a programme to find out more! 

If you have a goal to reach, I want to help you get there and together we will make a difference in your life that might not have seemed possible before. I'll come to you, we wont need a gym and you'll feel the difference!