Shift it in 6 Weeks

I know some people find it hard to get out and exercise and some of us have such a busy schedule that we can't commit to working out on a specific day at a specific time. We aren't all super heroes, although I do try...

So I have come up with a way, which will still help you to loose weight, eat healthy and get to the goal you have.

Let me train you in the comfort of your own home and I wont even be there!

My six week Shift It programme includes:

**Weights and Measurements with a one of face to face consultation**

**Workout Videos sent to you four times a week**

**Recipes ideas**

**Motivation and top tips throughout your Shift It programme**

**Cost: £50**

Shift It in six weeks with Emma Naylor Fitness!

On the right is a little taster of my six week programme!

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