All It Takes Is A Change In Attitude And You Are Half Way There!

It is hard to get in the mood to work out if it hasn't been a part of your routine before. But once you get that buzz, I promise you it is so easy to keep it up.

1. More sleep!

Honestly, stop the late nights and you will have more energy to work out. To function, your body needs sleep. For your body to break down fats, it needs to have energy!

2. Get into a routine

Start a new routine and make sure you include exercise! Once your body is use to this new routine you will be amazed at how you did without it before!

3. Don't be silly

There is no need to be so strict. Don't cut out all the foods in the world and leave yourself with liquid foods and dried fruit. You wont keep it up, your body will hate you and when you go back to the normal stuff you will be back to square one! Just cut the unnecessary stuff out and treat yourself now and then - you and your body deserves a meal out now and then! I would suggest to be strict in the week and treat yourself (sensibly) at the weekend. 

4. Rest up!

Rest days are just as important as your active days. Don't start your routine with exercise everyday because again, your body will hate you, you will cause an injury and you will have to take weeks out, which will push you back to square one! Space out your work out days and just be sensible with it. If you need advice on how to manage your work out days, get in touch with me and I will be happy to give you some advice and make some suggestions.

5. Measure yourself

I know this can be daunting and a lot of people don't do this but if you are starting a new routine, I would strongly recommend you measure yourself. This way you can keep track of your size and when you start to see the inches dropping you will gain even more motivation!

6. Tell people

Be proud of yourself and talk to your friends and family about what you are doing. They will support you and give you encouraging words which will push you harder to succeed with your goal. Plus the more people that know, the less you want to disappoint and you will find you will motivate yourself to succeed more!

7. Match it up

Match your routine up. If you are doing the working out, match it up with the healthy eating. Go big or go home. If you want results you need to be focused. Once you start eating the right foods and working out you will start to have a lot more energy and feel a lot more fresh - this feeling will be enough in its self to motivate you to carry on!

8. Get the gear

If you invest into some good work out gear then you will want to make it worth while! I know a lot of people that buy the gear and keep their routine because they feel the part. It's all about making yourself feel good, and if the gear does this, then get it!

9. Have a goal

Set yourself a date and a goal. Is there a wedding you are attending and you want to wear that one dress you have been fixated on for the past six months? Or is there a holiday you have planned and you have that bikini you want to look your best in! Choose the goal and with the right programme you will make it!

10. Use my page!

Use my page to find top tips, recipes and much more! If you are running out of ideas or getting bored of the same meals then check out my articles and see what you fancy!

If you are looking for a specialised programme that is catered to your needs then please get in touch and I will create one for you.