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Here you will find all the information about the services I provide. You will find out how to work out without a gym, have fun, get motivated, how to eat your way into a healthy life style, top tips on getting in shape and what to wear while doing it! Enjoy and I hope you find what you are looking for! 

I have never been so motivated to work out in my life. I never thought it was possible to get addicted to working out! I would never have got this far if I hadn’t of taken the first step with Emma Naylor Fitness.
— Chloe - 15.01.16
You are a legend. I am so pleased with my results and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— Sophie - 06.02.16
Boot Camp is such fun - I have never liked the gym, it is so intimidating and boring. Boot Camp with Emma makes working out fun and six weeks ago I would never of said work and fun in the same sentence!
— Lucy - 15.02.2016
I have been to a lot of different Zumba classes but no one does it like Emma! Fun, motivational, loud and cheap! What more could you want!
— Abbie - 28.02.2026
I always thought Personal Trainers were over priced and pointless but I have been proven completely wrong. Emma Naylor Fitness is affordable and works! I have been with her for just over two months and the results are showing. I think the thing that makes it work well for me is the motivation she gives me - she pushes be to work that bit harder! I highly recommend!
— Hannah - 02.03.2016
I have been going to Emma’s Zumba classes for getting on for 4 years and love it! It’s so much fun and the new songs and routines Emma introduces regularly keep me on my toes and working hard! It really is a good workout. I now also go to one of Emma’s Boot Camps. Although they are different to Zumba they are just as much fun and Emma makes sure we put all our effort in to get maximum results. I can definitely feel myself getting fitter, thanks to Emma!
— Claudine - 05.03.2016
I have always found Emma to be a really motivational Zumba teacher and her classes are fun and inclusive; she’s the go-to woman for fitness training in Uckfield!
— Natalie - 05.03.2016
I played rugby today, after 2 weeks with Emma I noticed my recovery time on the pitch was improved and I was ready for some more smash!
— Guy - 05.03.2016

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